How To Successfully Market High-Priced Products - Ebook

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How To Successfully Market

High-Ticket Products

Fewer sales mean more profits? "What the heck does that mean Dave?"

Did you know it's just as easy to sell a $10 dollar product as it is to sell a $10,000.00 product?

Why? Because it takes exactly the same amount of marketing effort. You still need to generate interest in your product no matter what the price.

What's great about high ticket products is you only need to sell a few to make a ton of money! And it takes the same amount of time and effort!  How awesome is that? 

In his book, "How To Successfully Market High-Priced Products" Ted explains everything in great detail to get you started on on how to do that.

You can even get a sneak peak of it here if you're still not sure.

Grab this 160 page ebook while you can!  Excellent information. Should be in everyone's library!

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