How To Be a Successful Writer & Self-Publisher

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The Lost Tapes:
Ted Nicholas w/ special guest Mr. Gary Halbert
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What Will These Tapes Do For You?  

You will discover how to:

  • Write a sale-able book, video, audio, or other information products


  • Determine the profit potential of a book or information product before any time and money are spent in development, writing, or production


  • How to write killer magazine, newspaper, and online ads for your product


  • Acquire the rights to books and products with a track record of success


  • License the valuable rights to books and products you own to others at a huge profit


  • How to prepare an irresistible sales letter


  • Learn copywriting. Still the highest paid form of writing in the world. (At the time Ted was charging $15,000 + 5% of sales to write an ad, and had a waiting list of clients. You can do the same when you know the secrets.)


  • How to price your product for maximum returns


  • Get radio, television, and online channels to plug your book and other products, absolutely free! Write powerful headlines, which is 90% of the task of writing a successful ad


  • Reduce your advertising costs by up to 80% by learning the secrets of buying ads at a low cost in national publications


  • Set up a low cost corporation on your own and maximize personal and family benefits


  • Low capital. You can start for less than $600!