Dream Information Publishing Seminar

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Discover how you can instantly know you have a great book idea rather than spend months, or even years on a flop, as do most authors

  • You’ll get a treasure chest of knowledge based on experience with over 100 Million Dollars  in measured advertising tests where every marketing dollar is accounted for
  • Only two things you need to achieve massive success
    1. Specialized know-how
    2. Study an exact step-by-step plan of how to apply what you’ve learned
  • You won’t be taught by any of my mentees or people I’ve trained. You can rest assured of this
  • Without a template to follow, copywriting and marketing can be tough. Publishing can also be a challenge. With the template and the rules you will discover, it becomes surprisingly easy
  • The easiest and fastest way to boost response 100% and even more without changing a word of copy
  • The easiest way to come up with free gifts and premiums to help sell the main product. (Prospects will often buy the main product just to get the free gift)
  • How to prepare irresistible e-books and hard-cover books without writing a single word yourself