Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets - Ebook Edition

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“THE INDISPENSABLE BUSINESS BIBLE FOR EVERY MARKETER” While many might claim to be – in reality there is only one TRUE JEDI-MASTER in the field of direct marketing… Ted Nicholas…

With over five decades, creating almost $6 billion dollars in direct cash-in-hand sales, using every conceivable marketing channel…developing business success after success…

Ted has now put together the direct marketers Jedi-Master guide – a brilliant marketing and business bible – “Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets.”

Packed with incredibly in-depth wisdom, and up-to-the-minute winning strategies and tactics online and offline – no smart marketer would start his next campaign without first referring to Ted’s gold-nuggets, sage advice, and timeless success principles.

"My general exposure to your influence has been golden to my career, life, and happiness of my family. CONGRATULATIONS Ted on your seminal work"

- Kelvin Parker Direct Response Copywriter & Marketing Strategist